Rose de Guzman

The Woman Before Wallis — Social Media Content

A playful take on a social media post promoting a historical fiction novel. This book deals with a less well-known connection between famous people in American and British history and pop culture, and so I drew attention to this “six-degrees of separation” type relationship to garner interest in the story.

[SPEC] Universal Yums Snack Box

A little bit of lockdown/travel ban humor combined with very direct messaging about the service provided. Universal Yums is a fun product that essentially sells itself to the target market, once the consumer knows about it, so the goal is bringing the company/branding to their attention in a fun and memorable way.

[SPEC] White Claw

This is a “junior” sized magazine ad, but could easily be adapted for online marketing or scaled for other sizes of print ads. With the rising popularity of hard seltzer, I wanted to play with White Claw’s slightly irreverent brand image and fan base while trying to pull market share from the waning but still …

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