What I Forge

“All custom, all handcrafted – never fill-in-the-blank.”

All Forged Prose copy is created with the client in mind.

I can help you forge a great brand image, because your brand is your first impression, your relationship building tool, and your lasting impression all in one. In short – it’s who you are.

And who am I? I’m dedicated to helping you grow.

Online Advertising

From Facebook and Instagram ads to banner advertising, I handcraft unique advertising copy that brings the customers to you.

Website Copy

Your business is unique, and your website copy should be, too! I will forge custom fit website verbiage, tailor-made for your business.

Social Media Posts

We hand-craft Facebook and Instagram posts designed to entice the customer. Focusing on your unique selling points, custom forged social media copy is an important part of brand image and customer interaction.

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Print Media (Advertising and More)

Newspaper and magazine ads, event programs (and the ads to go inside them), book covers, billboards, and more: the possibilities are endless with print. Hand-crafted copy will help you stand out so your sales can grow.

Email Copy

From newsletters to sales funnels, I can create hand-crafted copy for you that will showcase your brand voice and show customers (both old and new alike) what you have to offer.

Direct Mail

Be it a stand-alone postcard, part of a mass mailer, or coupons and fliers to put into a shipping box – great copy will get you noticed. From first impressions to drawing in repeat customers, I can help you make it happen.

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